Upper East Side Italian Restaurant

4 Tips For Choosing An Italian Restaurant In The Upper East Side

Finding the best Italian restaurant Upper East Side has to offer is easy because there’s so many of them. Finding the ideal one may be a little challenging. This is why we have provided you with four tips that can help you choose a good Italian restaurant. Read on to find out what those tips are.

1. Menu Selection- You want to browse a few Italian restaurants’ websites and have a look at their menu because not all Italian restaurants offer the same selection. Some restaurants may serve the same foods, but plate size can vary, which is why it’s important to know what the menu is like. Plus, you probably have a certain type of Italian dish you like or you have a good idea of what Italian foods you enjoy, so you want to find a restaurant that serves those dishes. Try to find restaurants that cook authentic Italian dishes.

2. Price- There are so many cheap Italian restaurants, as well as moderately priced ones and very expensive and fancy ones. The cheapest Italian restaurants may actually be the best, but you will want to compare a few places and see what they charge. You want to find a restaurant that serves quality Italian food, but at a price you deem reasonable. You might be surprised at how the prices vary from one place to the next, even if they are all located on the Upper East Side, which is why comparing prices is a must.

3. Atmosphere Matters- Choose an Italian restaurant that has the atmosphere you find the most appealing. It doesn’t matter what kind of atmosphere you want, you’ll find it on the Upper East Side. For example, some Italian restaurants are very family-friendly, while others are known for having a cozy or romantic atmosphere. Other Italian restaurants may be known for being very fancy or very casual.

Just keep in mind that there may be a dress code at the fancy Italian places. Usually, they will let you know if you make a reservation or it will mention a dress code on their website. Regardless, it’s a good idea to double check.

4. Read Reviews- Finally, read reviews about the restaurants in Upper East Side because you can learn a lot about a place from reviews. It doesn’t matter how good of a restaurant it is, there’s bound to be a few bad reviews, but if an Italian restaurant has more positive than bad reviews, then this is a good sign. Also, don’t base your decision to go to a restaurant solely on reviews because some reviews are not fair and don’t paint a restaurant in an accurate light, but they can still provide you with a lot of useful info.

With that said, all you have to do is compare as many Italian restaurants in the Upper East Side. Compare their menus, price, atmosphere and read reviews. After you do those things, then you can choose which one to go to, but make sure you check to see if you need reservations.

Lex Restaurant is arguably one of the best when it comes to a Upper East Side Italian restaurant.